Screening of Applications

Application screening

We review all of the available information the candidate has provided and assess their skills and experience to see if they’re a match for the role.

We start with a pool of thousands of applicants, but only 30% make it to the next stage.

Initial introduction interview round

Introduction meeting

Candidates will have an initial interview with our team answering questions which will gauge their language skills, personality traits, and soft-skills.

From the thousands of applicants, only about 10% remain.

Technical Interview Round 1

Technical interview

Candidates work with live exercises and answer role specific questions from one of our senior members. We evaluate problem-solving ability, depth of knowledge, communicative cohesion, clarity, and creativity in certain roles. Administrative or similar roles aren’t required to go through technical stages.

At this stage, only 3% from the original batch of applicants pass.

Technical Interview Round 2

Technical interview 2

In some cases, a second technical interview may be required with top-level members to further evaluate a candidate’s ability and experience.

2% from the thousands of applicants pass.

Final Interview round

Final interview

At this stage, candidates have met our expectations and are qualified to be part of our talent team. Before they are onboarded, we run a background and reference check with a third-party company to ensure all of the information and documents provided are authentic and truthful.

Once approved, candidates go through our seamless onboarding process to be assigned to one of our talent teams!

Ongoing reviews to track performance

Ongoing reviews

We keep track of every talent’s work quality and how well they’re performing based on feedback and quarterly assessments.

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